The Fantastic Maraan and the Wildcats at the Market Bar, Inverness

This was my first real visit to Inverness and looking back it is such a great city! Putting my accommodation issues behind me I headed out to see what the city was about. I paid my usual visit to Wetherspoons which was full of people who had certainly enjoyed their day at the Pipe Band Championship. I got food at Phoenix Turkish restaurant and then went off in search of a beer.

Stumbling across the Market Bar

I first went to Hootananny, a proud sign above the door that claimed it to be the “Best Scottish Music Venue in Scotland”. Unfortunately, the arrogant doorman would not let me in. His claim that the toilets were flooding and the place would be closing soon was a complete and utter lie! Maybe he thought that a middle age Englishman with over 1000 miles of cycling in his legs may cause trouble!

I then stood on the street and I could hear live music, after closer investigation, it was coming from an alleyway. After a brief conversation with a bouncer, he directed me up a narrow staircase into what I now know as the Market Bar.

The Market Bat is a small venue and on this occasion it was busy! A band was playing on the small stage and a thick crowd stood between me and the bar. After battling through the crowd and getting a pint, i managed to perch myself on a seat facing the stage.

The band played and I have to say that the music was brilliant and along with the enthusiastic crowd the night was brilliant. The lead singer who I take it was Maraan sang a number of covers as well as a couple of anti Tory Party songs, From the lyrics, it was clear that he is certainly not a fan of Boris Johnson!

The highlight was his cover of “On The Chaise Longue” by Wet Leg which he sang again at the end.

I have to say that for anyone visiting Inverness that has an interest in Live music the Market Bar is a must visit.

Great atmosphere and a cracking night out!

Molly’s Lips by Maraan & the Wild Cats at the Market Bar 25/06/2022

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