About Me

The idea of cycling from one end of the UK to the other was inspired by talking to a friend who had done it a few years back. Hearing his story and the highs and lows of his journey got me thinking. My thoughts turned to Ian Botham and his end to end walking back in the 80s and the coverage it got when I was a boy.

I began to watch videos on YouTube uploaded by other cyclists and my interest grew. Watching them leave Lands End and eventually heading down the hill into John O’Groats wet my appetite.

I am an ordinary bloke in my mid 40’s, I’ve got a young family and a very supportive partner. I cycle to work each day and ride my bike whenever I can. The thought of taking on such a task seemed impossible however I made it happen.

The ride went from watching videos on YouTube to buying the Cicerone book, I then started researching my own route. This then snowballed into me booking trains and with a start date set, I booked some accommodation, and operation My Lejog was underway.

The training for LEJOG then started and I had a goal to work towards.

MyLejog is a guide to cycling Lands End to John O’Groats and all about my journey from End to End in June 2022.