How Much Does Cycling Lands End to John O’Groats Cost?

When cycling Lands End to John O’Groats or any other multi-day cycling challenge, working out your budget is very important when planning the ride.  Deciding how much money you want to spend will determine where you sleep, where and what you eat as well as how long the ride will take.

Costs to Consider when Planning your ride

  • Bike (new bike or servicing your current cycle)
  • Equipment
  • Daily Accommodation
  • Food
  • Travel (getting to and from the start/finish)

How Much did my LEJOG Ride Cost?

MyLEJOG ride was based around 21 days of cycling and this meant that I needed 24 nights of accommodation.  This included my first night in Penzance and my final night which was spent on the Northlink Ferry from Kirkwall to Aberdeen.

I decided against what would have been the cheapest option which was camping.  The extra weight and time to set up and take down the tent each day was not something I wanted to do.  I decided on Airbnb’s, Hostels and Hotels, basically booking the cheapest accommodation I could get each day.  This method meant that I had an element of flexibility although some forward planning was needed on some days.

LEJOG Daily Budget

Here is a rundown of my daily budget which included food and accommodation.

Accommodation – Average £50.87p per night
Food (some breakfast, Lunch, and Evening Meal) – £20 per day

I spend an average of £71 per day over 21 days.

The approximate total cost of my LEJOG ride £1,491, this does not include travel to and from the start and finish and any equipment that I bought.

Transport Costs for LEJOG

The transport costs for my Lands End to John O’Groats ride included four trains and three ferries.

Train from Manchester to Euston Station – £35.20p – Reserved seat and bike reservation
Train from London Paddington to Penzance – £64.20p – Reserved seat and bike reservation
Cromarty Ferry – £.5.50p
John O’Groats Ferry – £18
Northlimk Ferry – Kirkwall to Aberdeen – £52 – Including bike reservation and Sleeping Pod
Train from Aberdeen to Manchester via Edinburgh – £55.60p – Reserved seat and bike reservation

The total cost of Transport was £230.50p.

Equipment Costs for LEJOG

When planning my LEJOG ride I had to purchase a number of things in order to make life easier on the road, This does not include day-to-day clothes and equipment I already owned, only things that I needed to complete the ride.

Ortlieb Back Roller Classics – £109.75p (Cyclestore)
Ortlieb Ultimate Six Classic – £65 (Scotby Cycles)
Bike Service – £120 (cables, cassete, chain and back wheel service) ( )