LEJOG Day 7 Cycling from Gloucester to Stratford Upon Avon, Flat and Sunny

55.98 Miles Cycled
2535 ft of Climbing

LEJOG Day 7 Elevation Gloucester to Stratford Upon Avon
LEJOG Day 7 Elevation Gloucester to Stratford Upon Avon

After a restless night’s sleep in the Station Hotel Gloucester, I had my cooked breakfast I’ve got my bike set up. While the Station Hotel was the cheapest hotel in Gloucester it served a purpose

. I set off through Gloucester town centre and headed for the cathedral, after spending a little bit of time at the spectacular cathedral I headed off down to the waterside to pick up my route again. This was when I experienced some more trouble with my Garmin Fenix 5.

After a short while the watch picked up the route and I set off heading north on route to Stratford upon Avon. Today’s route would Take Me Out of Gloucestershire across Worcestershire and in two Warwickshire. I have never been to Stratford upon Avon before and the thought of spending the evening in Shakespeare’s birthplace was good.

Cycling National Cycle Network Route 45

From Gloucester, I followed National Cycle Network Route 45 which took me North to the town of Hanbury. From Hanbury I passed through villages such as Ashleworth, Town Street, and Chaceley. The route was relatively flat today on some very quiet country roads.

I headed for the town of Tewksbury the route dictated that I had to get the ferry across the river to Tewksbury however I should have paid attention to the information in my route guide that explained the ferry was no longer in operation.

National Cycle Network Route 45
National Cycle Network Route 45

It wasn’t until I got to the ferry landing I realised that the ferry was not in operation so I had to double back on myself I’m then do a longer loop around into Tewksbury.

Once in Tewksbury, I managed to get some lunch and then sat on the bridge to eat it. I then left NCR 45 and headed off towards Pershore where I spent some time at Pershore Abbey, this was one of the spectacular Churches and Abbeys I would encounter on my ride. 

From Pershaw I picked up National Cycle Route 41, I found cycling through the county of Worcestershire excellent riding from Pershore I headed down to a place called Hinton on the green and then up towards Evesham, and again in Evesham, I got some food. From Evesham, I carried on again along quiet country roads still on NCR 41 through places like Pebworth until I reached the village of Long Marston.

Riding the Stratford Greenway National Cycle Route 5

The Stratford Upon Avon Greenway NCR 5
The Stratford Upon Avon Greenway NCR 5

At long Marston the route took me onto NCN Route 5. NCN route 5 is part of the Greenway which links long Marston with Stratford upon Avon. The Greenway is an excellent off-road cycle route with a great surface and views across the countryside. 

I eventually ended up at Stratford Upon Avon Race Course where I sat for a while enjoying the sunshine. It was an amazing late afternoon, the sun was shining and I only had a couple of miles to go. I had booked a room at the Moonraker Guest House earlier in the afternoon, calling ahead to make sure they could accommodate my bike.

The Guest House was situated a short walk from the centre of Stratford Upon Avon and I was there in no time. I was checked in by my amazing host Morris and was led to a very clean and well-equipped room upstairs.

After a quick shower and change, I headed off into the town to do a spot of sightseeing. I carried out a whistle-stop tour of the main sites including Shakespeare’s Birthplace, the River Avon, and Shakespeare Grave before I sat down for a pint and some food.

I called into The Stratford Alehouse which was an amazing small tap room with a good choice of ale.

This was a shorter day than yesterday through some amazing countryside and I was 1 week in to my 3 week adventure!

I had left the South West behind and it was now time to tackle the Midlands!

The River Avon, Stratford Upon Avon

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