Tool Kit

When undertaking any cycle ride it is important to be prepared and it goes without saying when cycling from Lands End to John O Groats being ready for most situations is very important.

There are a few things to consider when riding such a large distance and one of the main things is weight. You could take your whole toolkit with you however this will take up valuable space and add to unnecessary weight. I carefully considered what to take and based this on previous experiences on the road. I wanted to make sure I could do basic cycle repairs on the road side. With this in mind I packed the following tools.

Cyclists Multitool

The multitool I use has a number of tools which include Aln Keys, Torx Screwdriver, Chain Splitter, Flat and Philips Screwdriver. These basic tools are enough to carry out basic repairs on the roadside.

Small Hand Pump

My hand pump of choice for my LeJog ride was a Zefal Air Profil Micro Mini Pump. This hand pump fits directly on to the water bottle cage mount, it is small, light weight and can pump tyres up to 100psi.

Tyre Levers

A good set of tyre levers is a must for any rider.

CO2 Inflater and Cartridges

A good CO2 pump I find is a very useful addition to any cyclist’s tool kit. They allow a quick and easy way of inflating tyres by the roadside to get you on your way.

Cable Ties

Keeping a few cable ties handy when riding end to end I found invaluable. They can be used in a number of different situations and for me they got me out of a hole all be it temporally when my pannier rack collapsed on Bodmin Moor.

During my 21 day LeJog ride I used all of the above tools at some point so I recommend that any cyclist doing a multi day long distance ride consider this.

Traditionally I have carried my cycle tool kit in a saddle bag but this changed when I found the Zefal Z-Box Waterproof Tool Holder. This offers a sturdy waterproof canister to carry tools that fits neatly in a water bottle cage.