Choosing the Right Handlebar Bag for LEJOG

I have used a top tube bag for many years and found it useful for shorter rides but when I have more equipment it lacked in capacity. I researched other bags and decided on a Handlebar Bag to carry essential items such as cash, credit cards, mobile phone, food, and other items. My needs were that the bag had to have enough capacity for all my items, a pocket to carry a mobile phone, and be able to be attached and detached from the bike with ease. After much consideration, I decided on the Ortlieb Ultimate Six Classic 5 Litre Bar Bag.

Ortlieb Ultimate Six Classic 5 Litre Bar Bag

My Lands End to John O Groats ride was the first outing for the Ortlieb Ultimate Six Classic and I have to say that I am not disappointed. Again the quality from Ortlieb stands firm and I have grown to the love this bar bag.

Ortlieb Ultimate Six Classic 5 Litre Handlebar Bag.
Ortlieb Ultimate Six Classic 5 Litre Handlebar Bag.

The Bar Bag fits on to the handlebars with a unique wired system that is tightened. The bag clips on and off the mounting bracket with ease so that you can take it with you when you stop at any point. The 5 litre capacity was more than enough for what I needed. The lid is secured by magnets which again I found really reliable, handy and easy to open and close even when riding.

The lid has a pocket and clear top where a map or mobile phone can be stored. This is especially useful as a smartphone can be operated through the clear plastic which makes it easy to navigate my phone. I was able to store things like memory cards and and cash in the the handy interior pocket. As it is completely waterproof I was safe in the knowledge my essential items would not get wet.

Inside the Ortlieb Ultimate Six Classic 5 Litre Handlebar Bag.
Inside the Ortlieb Ultimate Six Classic 5 Litre Handlebar Bag.

The bar bag also comes with a handy carry strap so that when it is off the bike, you can carry it along with you. This was particularity helpful as I took it off the bike each time I stopped to go in to a shop, toilet etc.

All in all the Ortlieb Ultimate Six Classic Bar Bag is an ideal addition to any LeJog kit.

The Benefits of a Handlebar Bag on Multi-Day Rides

There are many benefits to using a good quality handlebar bag while cycling a long-distance, multi-day ride. I found that having all my valuables and necessary items including my wallet, cash and cards, energy gels, and a charger in a bag I could access easily, was key to a stress-free ride. I also found that aving the ability to detach the handlebar bag was a great plus point, a feature that the Ultimate 6 from Ortlieb has.

A handlebar bag can be a useful addition for cyclists undertaking the LEJOG (Land’s End to John o’ Groats) journey, as it provides additional storage space and easy access to essential items such as snacks, water bottles, maps, and navigation tools. Here are some tips for choosing and using a handlebar bag for LEJOG:

  • Choose a bag that is compatible with your bike and handlebars, and that is large enough to hold all your essential items. Look for features such as waterproofing, durable materials, and secure fastenings.
  • Pack your bag carefully, distributing the weight evenly and placing heavier items at the bottom. Keep frequently used items such as snacks and water bottles within easy reach.
  • Use the bag as a navigation aid by keeping maps, a GPS device, or a smartphone with navigation apps easily accessible.
  • Consider using a dry bag or waterproof cover to protect your belongings in case of rain or splashing water.
  • Ensure that the bag is securely fastened to your handlebars and that it does not interfere with your vision or handling of the bike.
  • Avoid overloading the bag or carrying items that are too heavy or bulky, as this can affect your balance and comfort while cycling.

A handlebar bag can be a useful addition for cyclists on the LEJOG journey, providing easy access to essential items and freeing up space in other bags or panniers. However, it is important to choose and use the bag carefully, taking into account your bike, your needs, and the conditions you are likely to encounter on the journey.